Here’s How to Defeat Islamophobia

American Muslims have come far in the struggle for justice, safety, and religious freedom. You made that happen. You stood with Ahmed Mohamed, you stood up for Syrian refugees, and it is your support over the last few months that has allowed CAIR-Chicago to confront bigotry in politics and demand justice in the wake of heinous hate crimes. For that we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Our work is not done. This year has seen an unprecedented rise in anti-Muslim hatred, and the swell of bigoted rhetoric from politicians like Donald Trump and Ben Carson has only fueled the Islamophobic crusade that is growing nationwide.

It is time to take action.

You have helped fight discrimination, respond to media bias, and demand action from government officials, but for too long this tireless work has been limited to dealing with the consequences of hate. Managing to sustain CAIR-Chicago is not the same as proactively targeting Islamophobia at its roots. America’s Islamophobia network is a $57 million industry and if there is a hope of defeating it, together we must move beyond sustainability.

It is time to confront the problem at its cause. CAIR-Chicago is leading the movement to be preemptive in our efforts, taking action before these crimes of hatred occur, but once again we cannot do it alone. We need a reserve of resources so that we can be effective when and how we need to be in order to nip Islamophobia in the bud before it takes more victims.

As the year comes to an end we ask that you include CAIR-Chicago in your end of year donations. Did we mention that all donations made to CAIR-Chicago are tax deductible and Zakat eligible?

Donate today; ensure a free and safe nation for American-Muslims tomorrow.