We Just Went Viral. Did You See This Cartoon?

This #GivingTuesday, CAIR-Chicago is Changing the Game!

CAIR-Chicago is innovating the way we confront bigotry. This year we are proud to have launched a unique new internship in cartooning. We are turning the tide with the very weapon Islamophobes like Pamela Geller tried to use to attack our Prophet Mohamed PBUH. The cartoon below, drawn by our current Cartooning Intern, Vanessa, counters the extreme bigoted rhetoric of Donald Trump.

thanksgiving trump 2

Perhaps you’ve seen it. This weekend our cartoon went viral with hundreds upon hundreds of shares. We are taking activism to new heights while maintaining the traditional and essential work we’ve always done in court and in the media.

In order to win the struggle against the bigotry of well-funded Islamophobes like Geller and Trump we need your support. Today is Giving Tuesday, a day where across the nation, we express our gratitude to non-profits that live out our inner convictions in the larger world around us. Make a monthly pledge of $25 or more beforeĀ midnight tonight and we will return your gratitude by entering you in a raffle to win a special prize! You will also receive an awesome CAIR-Chicago flash drive whether you win or not.

Your generosity will allow us to continue or struggle to defend Syrian refugees and fight discrimination at airports and around the nation. Every dollar you donate to CAIR-Chicago is always tax-deductible andĀ Zakat-eligible, so donate today!