CAIR-Chicago commends Senate for blocking anti-refugee bill

CAIR-Chicago commends the Senate for its January 19th vote to block the anti-refugee bill HR 4038. Had it passed, it would have effectively halted the resettlement of refugees from Syria and Iraq to the United States. The outcome of the vote was a relief, given that a similar measure passed the House last November in the days that followed the Paris attacks.

Known as the ‘American SAFE Act,’ the bill was couched in xenophobic and fear-mongering language, and was only the latest chapter in the surge of intolerant and prejudiced comments made by US politicians that has lasted for months. Their statements and actions have worked to maintain a hostile atmosphere for refugees, immigrants, and faith communities of all stripes, but particularly for those of Middle Eastern or Muslim backgrounds.

CAIR-Chicago stands by the facts, and recognizes that out of almost 12 million displaced Syrians, only 2,034 Syrian refugees have been admitted to the US since 2011 because they already face some of the most rigorous screening processes in the world.

We thank the Senate for safeguarding the values of our country, maintaining its security, and continuing to welcome refugees, and recognize that these three tenants are all equally at the core of what our nation is.