Radio Islam taps CAIR-Chicago Outreach Coordinator as new host

CAIR-Chicago Outreach Coordinator Gerald Hankerson is the newest host on Radio Islam, a local radio and online streaming broadcast with daily programming.

After training and co-hosting live shows in 2015, Hankerson went on air with his first episode titled “The Changing Faith of the Modern Interfaith Movement”, which aired on Friday, January 15.

Hankerson featured three interfaith practitioners who revealed their insights of the challenges and successes of dialogue and engagement, including differences before and after the September 11th attacks. His first interviewed guests were:
· Dr. Shakeela Z. Hassan, Founder of Harran Productions and co-creator of the Sounds of Faith concert initiative

· Luke Sullivan, Religious Organizer at Arise Chicago, an interfaith labor rights organization

· Ali Khalil, Public Relations & Communications Coordinator and Islamic Studies M.A. candidate at American Islamic College

Hankerson intends to discuss a wide range of topics on air, including but not limited to interfaith and religion, race and social justice, and arts and culture. “One of my first thoughts for a career–and still a healthy love and obsession–is journalism and media effects”, he shared. “Beginning in 6th grade, I took my love for writing, perspectives and facts to contributing to the news. But not just any news—news that I felt was true to my eyes, voice, emotions, interests and insights, as well as my communities I’m linked to. Though I haven’t been a professional journalist, media critic, or educator, I’d like to think that, somehow, I never strayed far from this calling.”

You can tune in Hankerson’s showson Fridays from 6-7pm on 1450 AM WCEV, or stream live online at Radio Islam. You can also catch the podcast on Sound Cloud after the fact: