Gerald Hankerson Heads Panel at 16th Street Theater

CAIR-Chicago’s Outreach Coordinator Gerald Hankerson spoke at the 16th Street Theater in Berwyn for a talk titled ‘Islam 101’. It was held on Saturday February 13th, at 7pm. Hankerson focused on the basic tenants of Islam, demographic and social-political issues facing the American Muslim community, and the key civil rights issues that CAIR-Chicago deals with, in order to give the audience an idea of the struggles facing Muslims in Chicago, the Midwest, and America at large. The event was free and open to the public.

Hankerson also headed a panel after a viewing of the theater’s play Yasmina’s Necklace on Thursday, February 25th, and shared his thoughts on the play. “Arts and culture is always a great vehicle for the discussion of complex and controversial issues. Yasmina’s Necklace did exactly that, providing great insight into the multiplicity of the Muslim American experience — from refugee to new Muslim. It helps put the diversity of our community in context.”  For more information on the play, see the theater’s website.