Sufyan Sohel speaks at Governors State University

On January 29, Deputy Director Sufyan Sohel spoke to an auditorium full of members of the Governors State University community. He spoke on religious extremism and the truths about terrorism, what they look like locally, nationally and internationally, and their impact on the American Muslim Community. He discussed how all Americans, despite their color or creed, need to regain control of their own narratives and partner against bigotry and discrimination.

Governors State University is a four-year public university in south suburban Illinois that champions openness, innovation and flexibility. “I applaud Governors State University and its Office of Intercultural Student Affairs for welcoming me to speak to its students, faculty and staff. Speaking to such a rich and diverse community on social justice issues that affect all American communities is a testament to GSU’s commitment to open conversations and diversity. I hope to continue this conversation and look forward to a continued relationship between GSU and CAIR-Chicago”