Watch CAIR-Chicago’s 2016 Film “Up for the Challenge”

Diversity makes this country what it is. It makes us strongand the ideals that inspired our founders still draw new generations to our shores today.

Among them was Ahmed Hamad, a young filmmaker from Gaza. Ahmed chronicles and seeks out stories of disenfranchised people for whom, he notes, “justice is neither fair nor equitable.” He knows the pain of people who are under-represented or not represented at all. That is why he seemed the perfect choice to direct 2016’s documentary.

2016’s film highlights the fears and hopes of young American-Muslims. We’re proud to introduce them because it is for the next generation that we face today’s challenges. This was first screened at CAIR-Chicago’s 12th Annual Banquet in February but now it is released to the public online! Watch CAIR-Chicago’s 2016 documentary film Up for the Challenge!