What We Do: Civil Rights Case Updates

CAIR-Chicago works hard as a valuable resource for the Muslim community to make sure that law enforcement and the justice system works fairly and efficiently for everyone regardless of religion, ethnicity, or citizenship status. Here are a few examples of our continuing civil rights work.

  • A Jordanian Muslim woman has been waiting almost three years to have her citizenship application granted, even though her application was complete, she passed the oral citizenship examination, and she already provided fingerprints and biometric scans to Immigration. CAIR-Chicago filed suit against Immigration, the FBI, and the Department of Homeland Security seeking an order that her application be granted and that she become a naturalized citizen without further delay.
  • A Muslim student at a local college studying criminal justice and law enforcement was expelled for allegedly bringing a gun on to campus, and for speaking out against a professor who was referring to Muslims as terrorists during a class discussion. He was expelled after an administrative hearing at which he was not present, and despite being a straight “A” student with no prior academic, conduct, or behavioral issues. CAIR-Chicago sent a demand letter to the college requesting an investigation and his reinstatement so that he can sit for his final exams for the semester.
  • A flyer threatening a Muslim family in a Chicago suburb was posted around their neighborhood. CAIR-Chicago reached out to the family to ensure their safety, and is now working with local law enforcement and the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office to investigate this hate crime and bring the perpetrators to justice. CAIR-Chicago continues to monitor the situation to make sure the family stays safe and is not subjected to any further violent threats.