CAIR-Chicago Joins Illinois Leader in Support of Automatic Voter Registration

CAIR-Chicago stood behind Senator Dick Durbin, Senate President John Cullerton, Senator Manar, Rep. Ammons, Clerk Orr, advocates from the Just Democracy Steering Committee and other Illinois leaders and their call for an automatic voter registration program to be instituted in Illinois at a press conference last Friday. The new proposal would allow voters to be automatically registered to vote unless they opt-out.

Its implementation would simplify and streamline the voting registration process, eliminating unnecessary barriers that prevent would-be voters from exercising their civil liberties.

Gerald Hankerson, CAIR-Chicago’s Outreach Coordinator attended the press conference, and was happy to stand by the Illinois leaders in support of the initiative. He hopes that “beyond expanding voters rights, this proposal will ensure more efficiency and accountability in the system, and will secure long-standing and uninhibited access to the polls for future generations. If done properly, Illinois will, like Oregon and California, serve as an example for the rest of the nation.”

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