ACTION ALERT: Illinois Muslim American Advisory Council Act

Want to ensure that our state government recognizes and partners with the Muslim community in Illinois, the nation and world?  Then support the Illinois Muslim American Advisory Council Act (S.B. 574)!

As defined by S.B. 574, the purpose of the Illinois Muslim American Advisory Council (MAAC) is

  • to advise the Governor and the General Assembly on policy issues impacting Muslim Americans and immigrants;
  • to advance the role and civic participation of Muslim Americans in this State;
  • to enhance trade and cooperation between Muslim-majority countries and this State; and
  • to build relationships with and disseminate information to, in cooperation with State agencies, boards, and commissions, Muslim American and immigrant communities across this State.

It takes two minutes to reenact MAAC. We need your help in getting the necessary 100 signatures by this afternoon to keep the bill alive in the state legislature.

Please complete the necessary form here and share with others. Follow these instructions to fill in the blanks:

  1. IDENTIFICATION: Fill in complete information
  2. REPRESENTATION: Leave blank unless you’re appearing in Springfield, IL
  3. POSITION: Select “Original Bill” & “Proponent”
  4. TESTIMONY: Select “Record of Appearance Only” & check the box for “I Agree to the ILGA Agreement”

Once the slip has been completed correctly, you will receive confirmation.

Help make MAAC a permanent part of Illinois legislation.  Sign your witness slip now!