Sufyan Sohel Speaks at AISEC YouthSpeaks Forum

On Friday, October 14, CAIR-Chicago Deputy Director Sufyan Sohel led several workshops at the AISEC Annual YouthSpeaks Forum in Chicago. AISEC is an international organization led by college students and aimed at activating the leadership potential of young people. Sohel discussed the rise of Islamaphobia in the United States, the impact of violence abroad and current hateful rhetoric in political discourse and also led a conversation about owning personal narratives, coalition building, and advocacy for all marginalized groups facing discrimination.

“I appreciate AISEC in bringing me to their conference to address Islamophobia. I was delighted to see students from all over the world, from all backgrounds and faiths, engaging in dialogue, addressing the root causes of Islamophobia and the necessity of acceptance and inclusion. We are witnessing an America where some individuals are strongly articulating anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant rhetoric. Engaging with these student leaders filled me with hope that our efforts [at CAIR] will continue to be supported and that hate will continued to be challenged in its many forms.”

— Sufyan Sohel, Deputy Director & Counsel