CAIR-Chicago Holds Press Conference Denouncing the Muslim Ban

Chicago, IL 1/25/17) – TODAY Friday, January 27, the Council on American-Islamic-Relations Chicago (CAIR-Chicago) held a press conference to react to President Trump signing executive orders restricting immigration from Syria, Iran, and five other Muslim-majority Middle Eastern and African countries. A live viewing with members of the Syrian-American, Iranian-American, and Sudanese-American community of the signing preceded the press conference.
This new executive order is barring most refugees from entry into the United States, particularly Syria, with visas blocked from being issued to citizens of Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen.
The orders seem to inch in Trump’s earlier campaign policies of a “complete ban” on Muslims entering the United States.
“Both logic and history have shown that National security is best served by acting on hard intelligence and not wide dragnets cast on entire communities of people.” Says Ahmed Rehab, Executive Director of CAIR-Chicago.
“This lazy, irresponsible, draconian approach acts only to send a message to the world that the US is threatened by its own founding values, and that it cannot find a balance between its ability to secure itself and its historic commitment to plurality, diversity, and acceptance for people of all races, faiths, and backgrounds.”
“Call this ‘restriction on immigration in the name of security’ what it is: a bigoted Muslim ban and an attempt to criminalize being a Muslim refugee.” Says Hoda Katebi, Communications Coordinator of CAIR-Chicago.
“We will not remain silent. We will not allow our communities to be torn apart. We will challenge this. We will fight this.”