Press Statement: CAIR-Chicago Testifies at Attorney General Madigan Immigration & Hate Crimes Summit

CAIR-Chicago Testifies at Attorney General Madigan Immigration & Hate Crimes Summit in Response to Unconstitutional Executive Orders


(Chicago, IL 2/27/17) – On Thursday, February 23, 2017 CAIR-Chicago’s Deputy Director & Counsel Sufyan Sohel and Legislative Attorney Maaria Mozzaffar attended Attorney General Madigan’s Immigration and Hate Crimes Summit where Mozzaffar testified on behalf of CAIR-Chicago on the unconstitutionality of Trump’s Muslim Ban and other forms of increasing state-based discrimination and violence against Muslims.

Mozzaffar also noted the sharp rise in hate crimes against Muslims and Muslim-perceived people as it correlates with increasing xenophobia and anti-immigrant rhetoric and policies at state and federal levels.

 The summit was convened by Attorney General Lisa Madigan to address the increasing challenges and hate crimes facing marginalized communities and discuss new legislation that will serve to strengthen Illinois’ Hate Crimes Law moving forward. Various civil rights leaders in Illinois whose work focuses on immigration, hate crimes, and the communities most impacted by the federal Executive Orders were invited to testify on behalf of their communities.

“The executive orders have threatened Americans’ rich history of inclusion and diversity that has made our country great,” Madigan said. “The people of our diverse state, including immigrants and refugees, should never live in fear.”

“This is a time where we will combat hare with laws. We expect the President of the United States to know that as lawyers and legislative advocates, we are ready.” Mozzaffar said. “If Donald Trump will not show leadership in curbing the damage caused by his hateful rhetoric, we will.”