WATCH: CAIR-Chicago’s 2017 Documentary

After Trump’s election we gave you a promise: to only continue to fight harder and stronger for you and with you to defend the civil rights of our community. One month in, and we’ve quadrupled our volunteers, launched a wildly successful Travelers Assistance Project (TAP), challenged Trump in court — and won (for now), actively built and strengthened our coalitions, rapidly expanded our research into the inner core of the Islamophobia network, produced and mass printed Know Your Rights pocket booklets, and led countless legal trainings — and we only have bigger plans down the line.

For this reason, our theme for this year’s banquet and documentary was clear: Resilience. Time after time again, we will stand up and fight back in the face of bigotry and hatred. We will never back down or stop fighting for you–our community–and that’s our promise.