ABC7: Supreme Court partly reinstates Trump travel ban, fall arguments set

On June 26, ABC 7 reports:


On the Monday, the Supreme Court said the ban could be enforced if people from those countries lack a bona fide relationship with a person or entity in the United States.

Yohnka said the court’s action is not indicative that the ban will be put in place. In fact, he said the court may rule against it upon further review.

“This has been a bad idea from the start and I think the Supreme Court will take care of that,” said Yohnka.

Ahmed Rehab with the Council for American Islamic Relations said it was unusual for the Supreme Court to take action on the issue and they should not have weighed in until after hearing oral arguments in October.

“One thing that Supreme Court did not do was to look at this tweet which contextualized the motivation behind that policy,” said Ahmed Rehab from CAIR-Chicago…”

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