CAIR-Chicago & Sen. Daniel Biss Urge Gov Rauner to End State Expenditure on Federal Immigration Mandates

Senate Resolution 404 seeks to protect immigrants and refugees from harmful federal executive orders

(CHICAGO, IL, 6/5/17) – TODAY, Monday June 5th the Chicago chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-Chicago) and Senator Daniel Biss will join other allies and partners to urge Governor Rauner to sign Senate Resolution 0404. The Resolution seeks to end expenditure of State resources into the enforcement and implementation of federal immigration orders, which are devastating to the immigrant community and Illinois at large.


SEE: Full text of Senate Resolution 0404


About 14% (nearly 1.8 million) of Illinois residents are immigrants. Executive orders and other federal mandates that disrupt and damage the fabric of so many Illinois residents are antithetical to the Governor’s responsibilities. CAIR-Chicago and allies call on Governor Rauner to prioritize protecting his vulnerable immigrant community.


“The State by law cannot participate in any measures that include a violation of due process and other constitutional protections,” says Maaria Mozaffar, CAIR-Chicago Legislative Attorney. “Federal mandates in the name of national security, leaving the question of constitutionality of these mandates to the courts, should be only executed by Federal agencies. Illinois respects the US constitution and that message should be loud and clear by Illinois leadership.”

“No one in Illinois should fear that reporting a crime, attending school or participating in a peaceful protest could jeopardize their freedom or family,” Senator Daniel Biss (D-Evanston) said. “Devoting police and other state resources to enforce federal immigration law would not make us a safer, richer or more productive state, but would only serve to divide and weaken us. The policies advocated in Senate Resolution will make us more unified and more prosperous.”