Incl(you)sion Panel: Voices of Underrepresented Muslims

CAIR-Chicago would like to warmly thank all of the attendees of last night’s panel, “Incl(you)sion: Voice of Underrepresented Muslims.” The panel included voices and organizations representing queer/trans Muslims, Muslims with disabilities, and Black Muslims, among other intersections of identity. While state-based rhetoric of our various communities works to separate and divide people among different class, gender, sexuality, racial, and other identities, CAIR-Chicago believes that it is integral to be listening to, and centering, the voices on the margins of the margins in order to be able to progress collectively together as an expansive, exclusionary community.

Following the panelists’ remarks, the audience was invited to take part in a round-table discussion with the panelists in order to further delve into the complexities of the issues at hand, and discuss methods and strategies to move forward together as a more inclusive and unified community.