81 Federal, State, and Local Officials Endorse CAIR-Chicago!

CAIR-Chicago is proud to receive the support of all public officials in Illinois (and beyond) for its work on behalf of community and country. This year, 81 elected officials endorsed CAIR-Chicago for their work in 2017.

“I commend the Council of American-Islamic Relations-Chicago for its commitment to the Muslim American community, and to impacting community, culture, and change in Chicago and beyond.”
– Rahm Emanuel, Mayor, City of Chicago

“I believe America is at its best when we embrace our diversity, and I applaud CAIR-Chicago for advocating against hate and discrimination in all of its forms.”

– Dick Durbin, United States Senator

“Through the advocacy of organizations like CAIR-Chicago, I feel confident that we will indeed secure a better future for generations to come.”
– Tammy Duckworth, United States Senator

“Resistance in the face of xenophobia, injustice, and division is never easy, but the grace and patience with which CAIR-Chicago continues to respond to these issues is nothing short of inspiring.”
– Keith Ellison, Member of U.S. Congress

“The work of CAIR-Chicago has promoted principles of tolerance, religious freedom, trust, and safety through the community.”
– Cheri Bustos, Member of U.S. Congress

“I applaud CAIR-Chicago and all of its supporters for their work empowering Muslims nationwide in the shaping of our country’s identity.”
– André Carson, Member of U.S. Congress

“I applaud CAIR-Chicago’s effort to ensure justice for the embattled in our communities and to foster understanding throughout Greater Chicagloland and Illinois.”
– Robin L. Kelly, Member of U.S. Congress

“The work CAIR-Chicago does for our city, state, and across the nation of attaining equal opportunity for and normalizing the image of Muslims in America, not only enriches the Muslim community but also expands productive dialogue between cultures.”
– Mike Quigley, Member of U.S. Congress

“CAIR-Chicago’s advocacy has been instrumental in giving the American Muslim community an authentic and honest voice..”
– Bobby L. Rush, Member of U.S. Congress 

“Through its efforts, CAIR-Chicago has consistently shown its commitment to defending the rights of Muslim Americans.”
– Raja Krishnamoorthi, Member of U.S. Congress 

“I am glad to see CAIR-Chicago fight the good fight at the frontlines against bias and anti-Muslim rhetoric that is a stain on our communities.”
– Luis Gutiérrez, Member of U.S. Congress 

“Since 2004, CAIR-Chicago has worked diligently to protect the civil liberties of Muslims throughout the state.”
– Jesse White, Secretary of State, Illinois

“We are blessed to have organizations such as CAIR dedicated to reinforcing the need to build mutual understanding and trust among the many creeds, colors, religions and backgrounds that make up our community and our country.”– Lisa Madigan, Attorney General of Illinois

“Through the years, CAIR-Chicago has fought for the furtherance of civil rights, embraced community outreach to create greater understanding between Muslims and non-Muslims, and battled intolerance.”
-Michael Madigan, Speaker of Illinois House of Representatives

“CAIR-Chicago continues to fight for individuals and groups from various backgrounds that deserve equity and opportunity to push back against all forms of injustice.”
-Julia Stratton, Illinois State Representative

“I am happy to support the movement of change-makers like CAIR-Chicago and join them in the spirit of freedom and the vision of spreading social justice and freedom for all.”
-La Shawn K. Ford, Illinois State Representative

“During the course of the year, the Muslim community and the community at large has faced challenge after challenge, but CAIR-Chicago has been there every step of the way- educating all of us on what resistance looks like.”
-Ann M. Williams, Illinois State Representative

“Over the last 14 years, CAIR-Chicago has worked to create a more accepting and tolerant society through a deeper understanding of Islam.”
-Greg Harris, Illinois State Representative

“It’s groups like CAIR-Chicago that prove the future is promised for all through their advocacy, solidarity, and dialogue.”
-John D’Amico, Illinois State Representative

“CAIR-Chicago has been a leader in issues of social justice, tolerance, and anti-discrimination policies.”
-Robyn Gabel, Illinois State Representative

“I encourage CAIR-Chicago to continue resisting hatred, suspicion, and ignorance.”
-Mary Flowers, Illinois State Representative

“CAIR-Chicago members’ strong commitment to action educating and empowering the community is necessary in fostering a deeper understanding and respect for the many cultures that are the foundation and strength of our community.”
-Pamela Althoff, Illinois State Representative

“It is the work and commitment of CAIR-Chicago that reflects its resilience in supporting the rights of all Americans. “
-Christian Mitchell, Illinois State Representative

“CAIR-Chicago’s continued efforts will ensure that liberties and freedoms are protected for all Americans, and that will remain a beacon of hope for oppressed people the world over.”
-Jonathan Caroll, Illinois State Representative

 “CAIR-Chicago has played a vital role in defending civil rights, promoting tolerance, and fighting discrimination.”
– John J. Cullerton, President, Illinois State Senate

“CAIR-Chicago’s work has fostered understanding and tolerance within our communities and I commend their innovative campaigns to promote peaceful and productive dialogues that serve as a model for others.”
-Heather Steans, Illinois State Senator 

“Fear and inability to divide us pose a grave threat to our democracy, but CAIR-Chicago remains focused as a model of inclusion and diversity.”
-Daniel Biss, Illinois State Senator

“CAIR-Chicago’s mission is invaluable, and I salute you for standing up for the values that make America great.”
-Kwame Raoul, Illinois State Senator

“CAIR-Chicago’s commitment to continue to educate others regarding the Muslim community needs to be applauded, especially with the strife we are currently experiencing in certain segments of society.”
-Napoleon Harris, Illinois State Senator

“Thank you CAIR-Chicago for remaining steadfast against oppression, thank you for offering hope that celebrates opportunities found only in embracing diversity.”
-Jacqueline Collins, Illinois State Senator

“I am honored to congratulate CAIR-Chicago and offer my support to your good work in all of our communities and for being leading advocates for justice and mutual understanding.”
-Christina Castro, Illinois State Senator

“CAIR-Chicago’s commitment to upholding our nation’s values and protecting civil and human rights for all is truly inspiring.”
-Laura M. Murphy, Illinois State Senator

“CAIR-Chicago’s efforts to heal the relationships broken by fear and misunderstanding are to be applauded.”
-Julie A. Morrison, Illinois State Senator

“Thank you, CAIR-Chicago for standing strong and resisting the forces of intolerance and bigotry.”
-Don Harmon, Illinois State Senator

“I enthusiastically applaud CAIR-Chicago’s commitment and offer my support as a lawmaker and member of the community.”
-Linda Holmes, Illinois State Senator

“CAIR-Chicago has my appreciation for your commitment to justice and opportunity for all.”
-Pat McGuire, Illinois State Senator

“CAIR-Chicago’s tireless work should not go without mention. It is your work that will bring a brighter future for generations to come.”
-David Koehler, Illinois State Senate

“The work that CAIR-Chicago does for the city and across the nation, not only enriches the Muslim community, but also expands productive dialogue between cultures.”
-Jason Barickman, Illinois State Senator

“As we carry on through this troubling time of discord and hate mongering, CAIR-Chicago has succeeded in continuing to unite communities on the name of peace and love for one another.”
-Mike Frerichs, Illinois State Treasurer

“I applaud CAIR-Chicago for their diligence and look forward to another stellar year in 2018.”


– Mattie Hunter Majority Caucus Whip, Illinois State Senate

“I applaud CAIR-Chicago and am equally proud of the contributions Muslims make in Chicago and throughout Illinois each and every day.”

– Iris Y. Martinez, Majority Caucus Whip, Illinois State Senate

“Although we faced a challenging year, I look forward to combining my efforts with those of CAIR-Chicago to promote solidarity and dialogue to uphold civil and human rights.”

– Terry Link, Assistant Majority Leader, Illinois State Senate

“CAIR-Chicago’s tireless work on behalf of inclusion and civil rights are invaluable in world with increasingly less barriers.”
– Louis Lang, Deputy Majority Leader

“CAIR-Chicago’s pledge to meet these challenges through advocacy, dialogue and facts is truly commendable.


– Margo McDermed, Illinois State Representative, 37th District


“CAIR-Chicago should be proud of their achievements and I commend you for all of your hard work.



– Jay Hoffman, Illinois State Representative, 113th District


“I applaud CAIR-Chicago for its commitment to ending practices of ethnic defamation and discrimination in our
communities, and its efforts to unite individuals from various backgrounds in support of its mission to ensure justice for all.”
-Dorothy Brown, Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County

“I wish to commend everyone at CAIR-Chicago for your deep sense of mission, which informs the vital work you continue to do on behalf of the Muslim American community of Cook County.”
-Toni Preckwinkle, President, Cook County Board of Commissioners

“I am happy to celebrate and support your goal of defending civil rights, resisting bigotry, and fostering understanding throughout Chicagoland and I will be with you in this fight.”

Michael Cabonargi, Commissioner, Cook County 2nd District

“The past year has brought great challenges, yet CAIR-Chicago embodies this event’s theme of “Resistance” by being steadfast to its mission to promote equality for Muslims locally and throughout the nation.”

-Jesus “Chuy” Garcia, Alderman, 7th District, Chicago

“CAIR-Chicago’s hard work in advancing mutual respect for differing ideas, beliefs, and experiences are greatly appreciated.”

-John P. Daley, Commissioner, Cook County 11th District

“We owe a debt of gratitude
to CAIR-Chicago for the amazing work it
does to facilitate mutual understanding among many different religions and cultures in our city.”
-John Fritchey, Commissioner, Cook County 12th District

“I commend CAIR-Chicago for its unwavering commitment to promoting tolerance, advocating for justice, raising awareness, and upholding civil and human rights in Chicago and across the nation.”
-Kimberly M. Foxx, Cook County State’s Attorney

“I personally appreciate CAIR-Chicago’s continued commitment to fighting for justice in our communities.”
-Thomas Dart, Cook County Sheriff

“Advocacy, solidarity, dialogue, and facts against hatred and injustice are essential tools for each person to meet the challenge, and CAIR-Chicago continues this important work.”
-Brian Hopkins, Alderman, 2nd Ward, Chicago

“In this era where some people use politics to divide, I appreciate the work CAIR-Chicago does to bring communities together.”
-Pat Dowell, Alderman, 3rd Ward, Chicago

“I salute you for all the work that you do to promote solidarity, inclusion, understanding within and outside of the Muslim community while battling alienation, injustice, and hatred.”
-Sophia King, Alderman, 4th Ward, Chicago

“At this time of rising religious and ethnic tensions, I commend CAIR-Chicago for the tireless work of promoting solidarity and inter-faith dialogue.”
-Susan Sadlowski Garza, Alderman, 10th Ward, Chicago

“I am happy to support CAIR-Chicago and your willingness to help work for the freedoms that make our country great.”
-Raymond Lopez, Alderman, 15th Ward, Chicago

“Your efforts help Muslims integrate into their communities and give them a sense of belonging in this large multicultural city.”
– Toni Foulkes, Alderman, 16th Ward, Chicago

“All of CAIR-Chicago’s work and accomplishments this past year have helped build the movement to stand up to the attacks on immigrant communities”
– Ricardo Muñoz, Alderman, 22nd Ward, Chicago

“I commend CAIR-Chicago for remaining at the forefront of upholding advocacy, solidarity, and factual dialogue, giving credence to why resistance is essential to this country thriving.”
-Jason C. Ervin, Alderman, 28th Ward

 “I want to congratulate CAIR-Chicago for its prosperous work on continuing to uphold civil rights and equality in our community.”
– Ariel Reboyras, Alderman, 30th Ward, Chicago

 “I, and the rest of the Chicago City Council Progressive Caucus, share CAIR-Chicago’s mission of peace and solidarity, and will continue to fight for civil rights against bigotry.”

– Scott Waguespack, Alderman, 32nd Ward, Chicago

“Each and every day, CAIR-Chicago is on the front lines in the fight to protect civil rights and promote diversity, understanding, and respect for all.”
– Deborah Mell, Alderman, 33rd Ward, Chicago

“I applaud CAIR-Chicago for seeing “Resistance” as an innate human quality to ensure harmony and fairness here and throughout the world.”
– Carrie Austin, Alderman, 34th Ward, Chicago

“I am proud to stand in solidarity with CAIR-Chicago and my Muslim sisters and brothers everywhere in their efforts to protect our civil liberties and to resist inequities and hate.”
– Carlos Ramirez Rosa, Alderman, 38th Ward, Chicago

“CAIR-Chicago has benefitted many community members, leaders, and elected officials through dialogue, facts, and empowerment.”
– Emma Mitts, Alderman, 27th Ward, Chicago

 “I’m proud to support the work of CAIR-Chicago; protecting and advocating civil rights, promoting cultural exchange, and highlighting the differences of all people, making American the diverse country we are proud to live in.”
– Thomas Tunney, Alderman, 44th Ward, Chicago

“In a time when the need for resistance and advocacy has proven dire, CAIR-Chicago has answered that call with its exceptional and relentless work fighting for justice and empowerment.”

– James Cappleman, Alderman, 46th Ward, Chicago 

 “Since its establishment, CAIR-Chicago has been a leader in the fight against mistrust and alienation of Muslim Americans.”
-Ameya Pawar, Alderman, 47th Ward, Chicago

 “The theme of this banquet, “Resistance” aligns with CAIR-Chicago’s mission of continually fighting for equality, educating to eliminate ignorance, and promoting tolerance for everyone.”
 Joe Moore, Alderman, 49th Ward, Chicago

“For years, CAIR-Chicago has fought against bigotry with tolerance by providing services that ensure equal opportunities for the Muslim community, all while defending civil rights and encouraging civic participation.”-David Orr, Cook County Clerk

“The best weapons against hate and bigotry are communication and education.”
– David J. Kaptain, Mayor, City of Elgin

“I applaud your CAIR-Chicago’s mission of enhancing communication among communities. Diversity is one of the greatest strengths of the country and we should embrace it. ”

– Gopal G. Lalmalani, MD., MBA, Village President, Village of Oak Brook

“I am pleased to extend my warmest greetings to the Council of American-Islamic Relations-Chicago and to congratulate you for your service to the Chicagoland Muslim community.”
– Daniel J. McLaughlin, Mayor, Village of Orland Park

Now more than ever, diverse communities like Evanston rely on CAIR-Chicago to advocate for the marginalized, protect civil liberties, and ensure that all individuals in our country are treated fairly with dignity and respect.

– Stephen Hagerty, Mayor, City of Evanston

 “I’m pleased to see the CAIR-Chicago community continue to educate the masses through peaceful and thoughtful events that invite people of all races and religious affiliations to the table.”

– William D. McLeod, Mayor, Village of Hoffman Estates

“CAIR-Chicago’s intense dedication and heightened social consciousness have helped many people seeking justice and enlightened information.”

– Bradley Stephens, Mayor, Village of Rosemont

“Resistance reminds our society of the power we have to resist discrimination, hatred, and inequality. CAIR-Chicago embodies the strength and of resistance.”

– Sandra Frum, Village President, Village of Northbrook

“The mission of CAIR-Chicago is true to the spirit of this country and your efforts are meaningful and imperative considering recent event.”
– Pete Buttigieg, Mayor, City of South Bend, Indiana

CAIR-Chicago’s devotion to advocacy, outreach and protecting civil liberties is deeply valued and I wish them all the best in the coming year.

– Sharmin Shahjahan, Village Trustee, Hanover Park, Illinois

With American values of justice and equality as a foundation, CAIR-Chicago and the Morton Grove community will continue to build on our forefather’s vision of a future filled with peace and prosperity for all.
– Dan DiMaria, Village President, Morton Grove, Illinois

I am honored to know that CAIR-Chicago is working towards these sentiments, resulting in measurable actions that are effective against hatred and injustice.
– Linda Jackson, Village President, Glendale Heights, Illinois