MEDIA ADVISORY: CAIR-Chicago Celebrates Asylum Granted to Client

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CAIR-Chicago Celebrates Asylum Status Granted to Syrian Refugee


(CHICAGO, IL, 2/20/2018) – The Chicago chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-Chicago), the nation’s largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy group, announced today that a Syrian client was awarded asylum status.

The individual, who prefers to remain anonymous, fled to the United States in 2013 after his life had been threatened multiple times by the Syrian army amid the chaos after April 2012. The applicant recalled the intimidation used against family and friends; his kidnapping and subsequent escape; and the death of various loved ones at the hands of civil unrest. Following intervention by CAIR-Chicago, the client was granted asylum status.

“For generations, the United States has proudly served as a safe haven for those whose very life and safety are in jeopardy,” CAIR-Chicago Litigation Director Phil Robertson stated. “We are very proud of the success in this case. In a time where public sentiment toward immigrants is ever negative, it is reassuring to know we are still able to empower and provide for those who need it most.”

CAIR-Chicago has seen an increase in anti-Muslim cases, with a high of over 600 cases in the year of 2017. The traumatic experiences caused by multiple institutions of a Muslim ban alerted the firm to more nuanced immigration cases. Late last year, the third installment of the Muslim ban was put into effect and shortly thereafter struck down.

In response to the difficulties travelers faced with the onset of the Muslim Bans, CAIR-Chicago launched the Travelers Assistance Project (TAP). At-risk travelers are able to register their trip on the TAP website to prepare for any conflicts that may arise upon their re-entry into the United States.

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